Why Do Tesla Wheels Stick So Far Out?

Tesla’s aero wheels have revolutionized the auto industry and have become a signature feature of the
brand, offering a more efficient and aerodynamic design while turning heads with their unique and
eye-catching look. But why do Tesla wheels stick out so far from the car? It all has to do with improving
aerodynamics, safety, fuel efficiency, and aerocaps.

While most car manufacturers focus on curb appeal when it comes to the design of their wheels, Tesla
went for something a bit more functional with the stick-out effect. When viewing the car from behind, the
rear wheels appear to be wider than the rest of the body, which ultimately helps to reduce drag.


The wheels on Tesla’s also come equipped with a feature known as Autopilot. This system uses sensors
built into the wheels to detect road conditions and automatically adjust the steering, acceleration and
braking of the vehicle. The sensors are placed in a protective casing that sticks out away from the wheel
which allows for better detection and protection from debris on the road.

When it comes to safety, this extended wheel design helps to reduce collisions or at least the severity of
them. With the wheels sticking out farther than normal, the car can absorb more of the impact of a
collision before its contents feel the brunt of it. This can help keep both the car and its occupants safe
during high speed driving or on difficult roads

Aero Wheel Covers

Tesla’s trademark aero wheel covers are also part of the equation. These snap-on plastic pieces cover
most of the 18-inch wheels to shield them from turbulence and wind resistance. In testing, the Model 3’s
aero wheel covers improved the car’s fuel efficiency by an average of 3.4 percent across different speeds,
with a maximum gain of 10 additional miles of range.

Fuel Efficiency

The Tesla Model 3’s stick-out wheels and the aero wheel covers all contribute to the car’s impressive fuel
efficiency. They help the car remain aerodynamic, meaning that less effort is being put into running the
car, resulting in less money being spent on fuel. The fact that the Model 3 has such efficient wheels is one
of the main reasons why it has become so popular

The actual construction of the wheels is also important. The Model 3 utilizes a multi-part and
multi-material wheel design that allows for greater optimization. A minimum thickness of 10-12mm is used
in casting the wheels, making them light enough for improved performance without compromising safety.

Are There Downsides?

The downside of having this wheel design, however, is that one may experience more “curb rash” while
driving. This is because they are more likely to come in contact with curbs and other rough surfaces.
When scraping up against a curb, the rims are flush with the tire sidewalls, making it much easier to
scratch up the wheels. To prevent this, drivers of Tesla’s should practice extra caution when parking and
driving around obstacles.

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